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Why should you choose a UPS manufacturer in China?

If you are looking for reliable Original Equipment Manufacturers for your UPS business. China may be one of your top-three sourcing countries, following India and Vietnam. Although the US-China trade world put pressure on US and Europe companies, China can still be a huge advantage for your business.

Advantages No.1: Speed

Known as "the world's factory", China's mature integrated supply chains are a key advantage when it comes to speeding the process of Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products manufacturing.

Advantages No.2: Advanced Manufacturing Ability

Over the past two decades, China has perfected its manufacturing and supply chains to the point of employing robotics and automation churning out sophisticated products by the millions. In this regard, other alternative countries are 5-10 years behind China. You can't see the latest supply chain best practices in these countries.

Advantages No.3: in-depth knowledge of UPS technology

Last year, 19222890 units of UPS are produced and exported from China. Guangdong Province accounts for 89.52% of the shipment. Most Chinese manufacturers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of UPS technology and skilled workers. You can rely on the suppliers in China.

Advantage No.4: Cost

China's labor costs is increasing, however, it can save your cost in other aspects. For example. Some supplier in Vietnam or India lacks quality raw materials and must import them from China, thereby, increasing costs.  That's why we recommend you rely on a Chinese UPS supplier as your priority.

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