Draper Laboratory + The National GEM Consortium

Three colleagues and I were featured in an article, recognizing us as GEM Fellows funded through the National GEM Consortium with Draper Laboratory (Cambridge, MA) as the company sponsor. This article highlights the importance of Draper’s partnership with GEM and the need for Diversity and Inclusion in the STEM fields.


Draper + CBS Future Innovator Spotlight

In an effort to show the public really cool examples of engineering, Draper has partnered with CBS to create a series of short vignettes featuring graduate students from the Boston area as “Future Innovators.” These vignettes initially aired during “The Big Bang Theory”, introduced by 2 of the Big Bang cast members (Melissa Ivy Rauch and Mayim Bialik).

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence – North Carolina A&T’s Will Tomlinson

As a Computer Engineering Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University, I joined this series to discuss my path to doctoral-level training, how North Carolina A&T helped to shape my professional acumen in the field, and the continuing work HBCUs provide the world in training minds for critical industrial fields.

Draper Fellows Present Technology Breakthroughs at Thesis Celebration Day

This poster session provided me with the opportunity to present a potential technology to use the body’s naturally generated bioelectrical signals to verify a person’s identity—a method that may prove tougher to spoof than a fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris/retina based-detection.

With New Academic Plan in Place, State of the University Highlights Northeastern’s “Bold” Future

At the 2016 State of the Uni­ver­sity, I, along with other uni­ver­sity students, leaders, fac­ulty, and staff, presented Northeastern’s new aca­d­emic plan. I engaged the audience about my tenure at the university and how my exposure to experiential learning at the doctoral level has shaped my development and Northeastern’s drive to integrate this form of learning into various doctoral curricula.

10/20/16 - BOSTON, MA. - Students, faculty and staff filled the Solomon Court for the 2016 State of the University event. Remarks were given by President Joseph E. Aoun, James C. Bean Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Diane MacGillivray, Senior Vice President for University Advancement, Carmen Sceppa, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Sciences and Chair of the Senate Agenda Committee. Staff Photo: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Survival Course: The Odd Man Out

I had the privilege of being featured in the cover story for the 2014 summer edition of the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) publication, Prism Magazine. This issue addresses the lack of representation of African-American males in the field of engineering.


Second Place at the 2014 GEM Technical Presentation Competition 

In August of 2014 I participated in a Technical Presentation Competition at the 2014 GEM Annual Board Meeting And Conference of The National GEM Consortium. In this competition, sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University, students presented their MS or PhD level research. The winners are broken down into Master’s Level and Ph.D. Level. I was fortunate enough to place in the top three, taking away the 2nd place prize in the competition.


Are Black Colleges Boosting Minority Representation in the Sciences?

Featuring the testimonies of numerous HBCU alumni, this article informs readers that despite finite resources and less racial diversity, colleges that historically cater to African American students could offer lessons on how to train successful, confident scientists.


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